Honeychuck rocks pretty hard for a band with a girl and an acoustic guitar in it. A four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Washington, DC, Honeychuck is full of a contagious energy every time they hit the stage, and they're blowing away audiences one venue at a time. The talent, experience, and sheer determination of all four members create a sound and personality bred from honest songwriting and captivating performances. Since their creation in 2002, Honeychuck has evolved into a dynamic alternative rock band, tapping into their roots (from blues to metal, from folk to grunge) and impressing everyone along the way.

With their album "It's Not You, It's Me," Honeychuck has made a statement from coast to coast; the band spent two weeks on a tour of the Southwest, stomping their way into the southern California and Arizona music scenes. Mixed by Brooklyn, NY's Tim Donovan (Lisa Loeb, Erykah Badu, 310), the four soaring tracks leave listeners both satisfied and wanting more. "It's Not You, It's Me" captures the essence of the band's sound, highlighting Debra Guy's aggressive yet pure voice, the tastefully blazing guitar work of T.Wesley, combined with the rock-solid rhythm section of Ben Pettit and Sam Murray.

Boasting over a decade of combined musical experience, the members of Honeychuck have received some long overdue credit, recently playing Washington DC's 9:30 Club, as well as headlining Falls Church, Virginia's State Theatre with their electric and gratifying live show. Honeychuck's grittier and personal follow-up record, "Life As You Know It," has raised the bar even higher and picking up right where they left off. The band's on-stage and musical chemistry is evident in every show they play, and every new song they write. Honeychuck provides clarity, reminding listeners of everything the love about music, tapping into familiarities and pushing the envelope all at the same time.